We’ll support your job search. Free of charge

Have you lost your job or might you soon? Bad news: it won’t be easy, as there are plenty of people in the same situation. We switched from an employee market to an employer market overnight. Good news – if you can call them that under these circumstances – we have decided to offer part of our services for free in the form of webinars.

Usually, it is the employer who pays for them in the form of “outplacement services”, but we understand that currently not every company can afford it (some of them are indeed in survival mode) – or that these services (= supporting – future – former employees) do not fit into their “employer branding” strategy. On a side note: if not that, then what does?

Everybody can join free of charge. If someone decides, it is worth paying, they can do so, of course. We also have bills to pay :)

Here more details:

Does this not concern you? Pass it on!