We asked: Personal Branding during CV-19?

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This interview features: Filiz Scarcella, who says about herself, “I’m Filiz – I don’t like titles, roles and categories. I’m a human, a woman and a doer. As sparring partner and mentor, I support people, mostly young women, entrepreneurs and anyone who would want to be one in developing their personal brand and self marketing strategy.” More about her below.

We asked Filiz 3 questions, incl. how personal branding for executives has changed due to CV-19 or whether they should use the “open to work” feature on LinkedIn. Here are her answers:

Career Angels: How has CV-19 impacted how experienced managers and executives should think about personal branding? How might that change in the next 6-12 months?

Filiz: I was going to be sitting on a beach right now, full holiday mode. Of course, just like many others, I had to put my plans on hold and come to terms with this new reality. Rather than sulking, it’s important to realise, that every crisis, every challenge has its lessons and chances. We can learn from the experiences we are living through now. It matters, what we make of it.

COVID-19 has seen many people lose their jobs. Companies have been restructuring heavily or even gone bankrupt. Titles and positions can come and go, your personality remains. You stay you. Remember that! Your job doesn’t necessarily define you. You can still be a leader, without having a manager title, simply by inspiring others. You can still help, but to do so, others need to know your skill set.

Personal branding is so important and it begins with you knowing yourself. Self-marketing can be the key to finding a new job or just to find out, what you actually want to do. By just thinking about your values, your principles, your skills and especially about your uniqueness, managers and executives can start developing a self-branding strategy and showing the world, how great they are.

Unfortunately, there will be more people losing their jobs and businesses closing their doors in the next 6 to 12 months. To stay competitive, it’s important to develop your personal brand and make sure people know which skills you have. Position yourself! Show yourself!

Career Angels: What personal branding tips do you have for experienced managers and executives that are specific for these unprecedented times? Especially for those looking for a job? What’s your take on the green “open to work” feature on LinkedIn?

Filiz: A lot of people shy away from the thought of personal branding, because they assume it has something to do with being narcissistic or egoistic. In reality, personal branding is all about knowing who you are and what you are an expert in and it is about letting people know what you can help them with. The opposite of being egoistic actually, right? A perfect place to show your skills is social media.

Managers and executives had to connect online during lock-down – there was simply no other way. We started having virtual meetings, and even virtual drinks! In a virtual world, an online persona matters. Platforms like LinkedIn, tools like Zoom and Microsoft Teams have seen a surge in engagement. Now is the time to work on your profile and to make sure the right audience sees you as the expert you are. Post about the topics, that you are passionate about, connect with the right people and comment, when you have an opinion! If someone has a question and you can help out, why not? Don’t worry too much about fitting in – stand out, be wild (if you want to).

I don’t mind the green „open to work“-feature, but obviously that’s not enough to be noticed by companies and recruiters in your network.

Remember, personal branding is not just about pretty pictures and lovely inspirational quotes. Personal branding is first and foremost about your attitude, your personality and your mindset.

Career Angels: What was the best and worst career advice you have ever received?

Filiz: Interesting question! The worst advice that was given was one, that I heard several times. I’m not a ‘shut up and sit in the background’-kinda girl, never been. My energy was too much for some people and I got told to just blend in a little more, just be a little quieter, just slow down. I now know, that my personal brand convinces and my personality is just not one that’s quiet and slow.

The best thing I have done for my career is get a mentor. I believe having someone on your side, sharing experiences, even hearing the uncomfortable truth and growing together is, what made me who I am today. Don’t hesitate asking for help! Don’t get annoyed if someone wants to give you constructive feedback! It’s the best you can do for your personal development.

A bit more about Filiz:
I’m convinced everyone is unique and deserves to show, how amazing they are! And for that having a mentor comes in handy! If you want me to be that person, who tells you how it is, contact me now! I support managers, executives, everyone really, to develop their personal brand and their self-marketing strategy. Register now for your free checkup by clicking here.

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