We asked: how do you weather your personal tsunami?

Looking only at data is definitely not enough. At Career Angels, we also speak with C-level executives, HR Directors, Executive Search Consultants – you’ll find our weekly quantitative and qualitative reports on Market Signals. Some of them allow us to record these conversations and their insights for our audience!

This recording features: Alessandro Torresani, Area Sales Manager Eastern Europe at Contraload. More about him below.

We asked Alessandro about his personal tsunami – and to be fully precise – Alessandro volunteered to speak to us when CV-19 happened because he felt he could share insights from a period of his lifethat he himself calls his personal tsunamiwhen he unexpectedly lost a very wellpaid job. The conversation includes:

  • What happened during his personal tsunami?
  • What did he do and what advice does he have for fellow executives?

His tips include:

  • “You are not your job title – nobody owes you nothing.”
  • “Show what you can offer.”
  • “It’s OK to ask for help.”
  • “Learn the most important and sought-after competence!”
    … just to enlist a few.

To view the full conversation on our YouTube channel, click here.

A bit more about Alessandro:
Alessandro Torresani, Area Sales Manager Eastern Europe at Contraload.

Seasoned executive (Managing Director & Sales) with more than 20 years of international business experience, serving sectors like Food, FMCG, Automotive, Chemicals and Waste. From 2017 working in a great company and with a great team at Contraload (part of Tosca Group).

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