Upskilling & Reskilling – tools for a successful future

Upskilling & Reskilling – tools for a successful future ... and how Career Advisory supports that!

Upskilling & Reskilling – tools for a successful future

Did you know that by 2025, according to a World Economic Forum’s report, half of all workers will need to retrain themselves for new positions? This is not surprising, given the rapid development of technology and constant changes on the job market. What’s more, as many as 133 million new jobs will be created in the coming years. This sounds encouraging, but it is important to remember that these new positions will require very different skills from those we have today. Without upskilling and reskilling, i.e. improving your qualifications or retraining yourself for new positions, it will be more difficult to adapt to the changing demands of the job market. Consequently, our chances of competing on it will be significantly compromised.

Improving your qualifications and/or retraining yourself require a significant investment of both money and time, but given that changes have never been occurring so fast, developing new competencies can no longer be a secondary concern in preparing employees for future jobs. This phenomenon is both an opportunity and a threat for companies – depending on how quickly they close the “skill gap”, and manage current and new employees in terms of “upskilling” or “reskilling”, or the recruitment itself. This is also both an opportunity and a threat for HR departments, recruiters and advisors operating on the market; in order to be one of the leading experts, design new career paths in the most effective way and adjust profiles accordingly, it is crucial to be aware of, among other things, employee typology in terms of engagement and competencies development.

To make that happen, qualified and change-aware advisors, both inside and outside the organization, are needed: HR directors / managers, recruiters, coaches or advisors. The key to success is to have professional knowledge based on research and reliable data. Career Advisory competencies are not only about “knowing how to properly format a CV” – above all, they concern monitoring and understanding job market trends, including changes introduced by technology (smartphonization, ATS, LinkedIn, HR analytics).

Do you need Career Advisory knowledge?

As an HR representative, coach or career advisor, you should be up-to-date with market changes and regularly improve your advice and tips. Check whether you have the most up-to-date Career Advisory knowledge!

Imagine that a candidate, an employee or a friend of yours comes to you and asks you to help them find a job or retrain themselves within their organization. They ask you questions like:

  • Should I add the “Open to work” frame to my photo on LinkedIn?
  • I have been working in marketing for 10 years. I want to find a job in HR by the end of the year. Is it realistic?
  • Is it true that it will be harder to find a job at my age (50+)?
  • I am a CEO and I am looking for a job. Should I apply directly to companies by contacting my potential employer? Or is it not appropriate?
  • Looking for a job using your own contacts (networking) is the most effective channel, right?

Fill out the questionnaire and check whether you have the most up-to-date Career Advisory knowledge!

Career Advisor – the profession of the future

At Career Angels, we have developed our own methodology of career planning and management, and navigating the job market. For more than 12 years, Career Angels have been collecting and analyzing data – real responses from more than 5,000 headhunters and more than 20,000 decision makers – in order to develop strategies and advice for our clients. The data clearly shows that opinions and declarations of HR representatives are not backed by statistics. Only thanks to a solid analysis do we know what really works and which strategies to apply to effectively search for a job, manage and develop career paths, considering the changing job market trends.

Our mission is to share knowledge and, thus, to improve the quality of Career Advisory services provided on the market: since 2018, we have conducted six open editions of the “Career Consultant” course, and in 2022 and 2023 – four internal trainings for HR departments. In total, we have trained more than 120 participants.

If that knowledge is of value to you, you can:

  1. become a highly valued professional, who dynamically responds to changes in the job market, and who has the skills necessary to deliver services properly and effectively by completing our Career Consultant Course:
  2. join Career Angels: find out more about the requirements and what we offer below.

At Career Angels, a Career Advisor does not need to have experience in HR or recruitment. To join our team, you only need to have min. 10 years of professional experience in any function or industry, and experience working with executives. This is important considering our target group – to be able to support international managers effectively, you need to know what challenges they face. Extensive work experience will prove very helpful when working with clients from different levels.

When recruiting Career Consultants for our team, we also pay attention to language skills – English is fundamental. It is not only our internal “lingua franca”, but also the main language of our clients. We prepare application documents and profiles on LinkedIn or cover emails for potential employers – as such, language accuracy and proficiency are key, because the documents cannot contain any linguistic mistakes.

At Career Angels, we also pay very close attention to the quality of our materials and services. The simplest example: before a client receives the final CV, it is read by four (!) different people – two specialists, the leading Career Consultant and the so-called Quality Controller. During the process, we check not only the linguistic correctness, but also the formatting, punctuation, spaces, etc. We put a lot of emphasis on that in the recruitment process, as not everyone enjoys a job that is so detail- and perfectionism-oriented (we get that!).

A Career Consultant’s main task is to support clients in their career management and job search process, including, among other things:

  • preparing application documents, creating profiles on LinkedIn
  • career coaching and consulting
  • conducting interview simulations
  • coordinating market research (at Career Angels, this is prepared by a team of specialists)

At Career Angels, a Career Consultant additionally conducts our own programs, such as: The 5-Step Program, Independent Job Hunter, Executive Identity, Parameter Bidding, Strategy Session, Challenge Accepted, etc., and is required to report client statistics, so that we can be up-to-date with the situation on the market, the trends and the effectiveness of our activities.

Despite, or maybe even thanks to, the fact that we are a small company, you can create and develop your own opportunities in e.g.: blogging, podcasting, preparing content, conducting lectures / webinars or focusing on a specific group of clients that is dear to your heart – but only if you want to!

By joining our team you can count on:

  • multiple trainings and opportunities to develop new skills and acquire new knowledge
  • interesting work with experienced managers across various industries
  • work with an international, experienced team
  • support from our team of assistants every step of the way
  • all necessary work tools, including a laptop
  • work from home – always! Irrespective of what’s going on in the world
  • flexible working hours (you design your own schedule; minimum 20 hours per week)
  • remuneration for B2C projects: from 17 EUR/h (during the training) to 28 EUR/h (once your induction process is completed – it’s doable in 3 months, but you set the pace); B2B projects: from 25-50 EUR/h
  • sales commission of up to 17.5%, depending on the size of the project

We post job offers on a fairly regular basis – if now is not the right time for you or this is not the right role for you, click “Follow” on our LinkedIn company page to be notified in the future!

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