Types of outplacement: group or individual, online or traditional?

In principle, there are 2 types of outplacement:

  • group outplacement for homogeneous groups of employees, e.g.: working in the same department or on similar positions; consists of group workshops on e.g.: navigating the job market, preparing professional application documents, interview preparation
  • individual outplacement which consists of individual consultations in above mentioned areas

There is also a “mixed” version: after group workshops, employees would have access to individual consultations. There is a variety of options.

Executive Outplacement” is worth mentioning as a variant of individual outplacement – aimed at managers and executives. Issues raised at individual consultations for executives are the same, however consultants working with management staff should be more experienced to be able to effectively support, for example a board member.

Thanks to technology firms can also decide whether their group or individual workshops are carried out in a “traditional way” (i.e. face to face) or “online” (e.g. via Skype). There are also some mixed forms, e.g. when a participant takes part in a workshop in person, followed by a consultation over Skype. Some companies use online platforms to support the job hunting process.

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