Together We Rise – Women in Leadership Program

Together We Rise – Women in Leadership Program

The Together We Rise Women in Leadership program is designed for women who are ready to realize their potential and become the future leaders of our generation. It has been created, designed, developed by women for women. This 10-month program is designed to support women in developing an authentic and powerful leadership style that is true to themselves.

The program will feature a team of motivating and inspiring experts who will guide, coach and educate participants through a series of captivating webinars, engaging coaching sessions, action learning kits, networking events and much more. Together We Rise will encourage everyone to establish, empower and maximize their impact through topics such as Communication and Authentic Power, Leadership and Confidence. Our expert – Sandra Bichl – will share her knowledge in two modules:

  • Together We Rise Session 1: Clear, Shared Career Path (A)
    This module is about understanding the science behind career management – based on 40 years of research and analysis of over a million career paths: 64% of adults show no alignment between the career they think they want as opposed to what they actually want. It also covers the four career patterns and their combinations – with the goal for participants to understand where they are currently at as well as how to move forward by being able to formulate satisfying, realistic career goals.
  • Together We Rise Session 1: Clear, Shared Career Path (B)
    Having career clarity is only the first step of a total of 4! Getting to where you want to be requires also assessing how your competencies fit the goal which sometimes means preparing a development plan; followed by preparing the right tools and then understand how to maneuver the different channels that you might need to activate in order to reach your goal – one of which is networking!

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