Tips from Candidate turned Headhunter

We like sharing articles and texts worth reading. Here is one more that was published under the title “Why Headhunters Don’t Return Your Calls”.

Allow us to quote one of the best fragments:

You need to accept the fact, that headhunters are retained by clients and not candidates. In other words,

it’s the clients who pay their fees. Not you. Any minute the headhunter spends talking to people who are no way near a client’s requirement will just delay the completion of the search assignment.

The article was written by a candidate turned headhunter who shares their newly won perspective of what it means to be one. To read more, read this.

To explore this topic even further, go through the checklist of a headhunter’s blacklist to make sure you avoid the biggest mistakes. Read more here.

You can also dig deeper by reading about Why recruiters exclude candidates”.

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