The job market of North, Central & South America

Special Market Signals Report on the job market of the Americas amid COVID-19

How is the job market situation in the US? Canada? How has COVID-19 influenced the supply of and demand for candidates in Latin America?  Are the infection rates reflected in how much companies are actually recruiting? You’ll find the answers in our updated report on the job market in North, Central & South America – by region in alphabetical order!

COVID-19 and the job market of the Americas

We started by monitoring the number of LinkedIn job ads in 38 European countries in April 2020. In September 2020, we extended our observations to ultimately 80 countries on all continents. Well, almost all – we do not track what’s happening in Antarctica.

We analyze the changes in the number of job ads published on LinkedIn and observe if and what kind of trends there are. Why? Understanding the supply of and demand for candidates in times of the COVID-19 pandemic is crucial in knowing how to advise our clients.

This particular report summarizes 33 weeks of our observations of 22 countries of North, Central & South America: from the US & Canada to Costa Rica, Ecuador & Brazil. We took a closer look at each country individually but also at the regional changes in the number of job ads on LinkedIn:

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