Taking shortcuts

We are constantly asked both prospects, sometimes also by our clients, “Maybe you have a more creative approach to my job hunting?”

Our response is always the same:
– have you improved your CV?
– have you prepared a good cover email?
– have you made sure your Linkedin profile is coherent with your documents?
– have you sent your speculative application to the decision makers at 20-40 potential employers?
– have you been in touch with 20 relevant Executive Search Consultants?
– have you reached out skillfully to your network?
– have you followed-up once or twice?
– have you reviewed relevant job boards?
– are you acing your interviews?

So far, not one single executive could reply to all 9 questions affirmatively.

If you have no results, although you’ve covered the basics, then:
a) there’s something that needs adjusting or
b) you actually are the first person that really needs a more creative approach.

If it’s a) ask an outsider for an objective analysis. Numbers never lie.
If it’s b) you are more than welcome to contact us. We do have some ideas up our sleeves.

Irrespectively, in short: “Always cover the basics first”.