T-3 to the next wave of lay-offs

Supporting your future former employees is something every company should do (especially now), but cant always afford – there’s a reason for why you need to reduce your costs immediately. It’s about keeping your businesses afloat and saving the workplaces that you can. We get it.

Your future former employees – as everybody else (except maybe for Bill Gates who knew it already in 2015) – will be/are/were taken by surprise by COVID-19 and its economic consequences. The majority will face close to bankruptcy scenarios, lack of family cashflow, lack of financial stability and depending on their age: their first crises. And maybe their first real unemployment. Unemployed professionals who werent really affected in 2008 won’t know what hit them. The majority is unprepared, especially as the market has become more competitive and more technology driven.

With our proposal there are no more excuses:

  • If you have a standard budget, request an outplacement offer by email: Anna.Zadrozna@CareerAngels.eu. We have the most competitive offer on the market. And: we’ve been offering digital outplacement since 2013.
  • If you have a low budget: pay as much as you want and can. We are the only company that crowdfunds outplacement services!

Another way to look at it: How important is employer branding to you? Supporting them when they need it the most is the best way to show your employees and future candidates that you do care.