Successful job search: all about timing (video)

Successful job search: all about timing

Job search being a full-time commitment, candidates have to know all about the perfect timing in order to be successful. Assuming that everything is well-prepared and that a candidate uses all four job hunting channels at the same time – speculative introduction, contacting headhunters, networking and applying to job ads – the job search takes about 8 to 12 weeks.

This video was recorded during one of the 16 webinars we produced last year that attracted over 1000 participants from all over the world who have spontaneously sent us feedback like this one: “I would definitely recommend your webinars not only to people looking for a job “right now“, but also to those who think of changing and who want to be well-prepared. I believe that they are useful to anyone, as the know-how is prepared and presented in a very concentrated manner.” (Manager)

Thanks to the overwhelmingly positive feedback, we’ve decided to design a course called “Every step of the job search explained – backed by research!” which you’ll find on Udemy. Here a sneak peek of the content on how to estimate the job search duration.

With that positive feedback, we decided to put our know-how into a comprehensive, stepbystep introduction to the strategic planning of your job search, with an understanding of COVIDtime market trends – published on Udemy.

You now have two options :)

  1. Watch the full video about “Successful job search: all about timing” on our YouTube Channel.
  2. Go right away to our Udemy course. More about it below.

What you’ll learn:

  • Job Search Strategy: build and implement an effective job search strategy, consistent with your career motivations
  • Professional Goal Setting: make sure your next career step is realistic and in line with your profile
  • Diagnosing Your Strengths: formulate your unique selling proposition (USP) and check it against job market requirements
  • Personal Branding: communicate your USP to relevant people in relevant ways
  • CV Creation: make sure your CV really stands out against the competition
  • ATS-Compliant CVs: optimise your CV so that it is AI-friendly
  • Hacking the Linkedin Algorithm: build an effective Linkedin profile
  • Writing Cover Emails: make sure your emails to headhunters and hiring managers are not only opened but also read with interest
  • Professional Networking: build long-term business relationships that can support you during your job search
  • Contacting Headhunters: know how they work and how they think in order to build effective relationships
  • Contacting Decision Makers: know how they work and how they think in order to build mutually beneficial relationships
  • Interviewing Skills: be strategic when being interviewed
  • Online Interviews: the practical differences and similarities between offline and online interviewing and what this means for you

Here more information on the Udemy course.

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