Speculative Introduction

If you could work where ever you wanted, where would that be? What are your TOP 20 companies?

Why not contact the decision makers there directly? Sylwia Rzemieniewska, Managing Director, Target Executive Search, warns, “An executive that sends his CV to a lot of companies themselves will not be well perceived. They will definitely make a better impression when going via a headhunter.

Other voices raise the question of retaining the candidate’s confidentiality, especially when operating on niche markets. Sometimes the executive’s ego plays a crucial role that prevents them from contacting the HR Director or a Member of the Management Board.

Dominika Ludwiczak, HR Director, Sage, shares, “I have a very positive attitude towards personally receiving speculative introductions. It means that the executive is resourceful and motivated as they had to make a certain effort to at least find the appropriate person and contact details. If we have an open recruitment process and the person fulfills our requirements, we include them. If we don’t, I hold onto the CV for future projects.”

What Konrad Kopyra, CEO, Alchem Grupa, told us in the interview “If the person that sends me their CV has something to offer that is interesting to me, I will definitely remember them. We have employed three people that way.”

At CareerAngels.eu we recommend the following: As strategic positions are rarely discussed publicly & can almost entirely be only found in the hidden job market, we do suggest going directly to the source.

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