Special Report – job market in Africa

Job Market in Africa - Special Report

Job Market in Africa – Special Report

With the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we, Career Angels, wanted to understand how it actually affected the job market. We started to observe and analyze the changes that it brought. We have been gathering weekly data (unemployment and the number of LinkedIn job ads) and closely observing the situation across the EU since March 2020. In mid-September, we decided to extend our job market observations to a total of 80 countries on all continents – well, almost all – we do not track what’s happening in Antarctica. Tracking the demand for candidates, that is – if and how much companies are hiring, gives quite a good feel of the overall trend on the global job market.

This is an updated version of our report on the African job market. We summarized 25 weeks of the COVID-19 effects on the oldest continent.

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