Social Media awareness on the rise… finally

How do we know that? Because we are invited by top universities & alumni organizations to give lectures about online presence & social media for executives – we even ran two simultaneous events last Friday:

Sandra Bichl and Zsuzsanna Fay consulted MBA students on their LinkedIn profiles in Vienna; before the event all participants received a CV Report (assessing the technical aspect of a resume in 8 categories), as well as a LinkedIn Report reviewing the entire LinkedIn profile systematically. The average LinkedIn profile received 3.8 out of 5 points.

Anna Zadro┼╝na gave a lecture on Online Presence to the members of the Alumni Association of the Warsaw University of Technology Business School in Warsaw. The lecture closed the cycle of 3 career-management related workshops, however, due to the great interest in the topic, we will most probably continue with a 4th one.

That’s what participants in both locations wanted to know:

  • How do you stand out from the crowd on LinkedIn?
  • What key words do you use in order to do that?
  • How do you write a perfect professional summary for LinkedIn?
  • What do you include in a tagline?
  • How do you position youself both as a potential employer and a potential employee?
  • How do you tackle confidentiality of your responsibilities & successes on your public profile?
  • What kind of photo is appropriate for a LinkedIn profile?
  • Should the CV and the LinkedIn profile include the same information?

…and many, many more.

To request a complimentary LinkedIn Report, please contact / Subject: LIR / and add the link to your profile.