Salary negotiations

What is the worst thing that can happen during salary negotiations?
That you quote too little.

There are actually two strategies to approach that question about your salary expectation:
– Strategy # 1 says: Do not avoid answering this question. Be prepared. Think beforehand what salary realistically would satisfy you. If you do not want to give a concrete number, you can always give a range. It is worth knowing the market level of remuneration on that position
– Strategy # 2 says: Avoid quoting your “price” at all costs at the first meeting. Why? Because you do not want to sell yourself cheap or extremely expensive. The first meeting is a getting-to-know-each- other. And that is it. You should reserve yourself the right to learn more details about the position, meet more people at your future potential employer, understand what they have to offer, and then once you see their offer, take position. In negotiations the most important rule is: never ever be the first to quote a number. The first one loses always.

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