Remote work: a double-edged sword!

Something our team has been doing since 2013, has become a reality for many, many, many companies and their employees:

working from home

For some employees, it’s a new found freedom and/or time savings as they don’t need to commute anymore; and for some rather something closer to a nightmare as they are lacking the right conditions at home or are simply missing the social interaction in real life.

For some companies, it’s an opportunity to save costs or a management challenge – leading people remotely requires a different set and level of competencies.

It’s a double-edged sword.

For us, it has worked to our advantage – just to name a few examples:

  • Bigger talent pool: thanks to the location independence, we can recruit people in places that we normally would not have access to. But remember: recruiting & on-boarding needs to be adapted substantially!
  • We have happier & more engaged team members who consciously choose this work & life style.
  • We were able to reach international clients much faster than we normally would have.

This is how we’ve used our freedom: Behind the Scenes of our online & flexible work style.

According to CNN Business, there are companies that have announced that their employees won’t be going back to the office until at least 2021, incl.: Google, Viacom, Royal Bank of Scotland etc.
And some have shut their offices for good, incl. Facebook, Twitter, Shopify etc.

Find the full article here.

Our team has compiled a list of 41 tips that “Makes working from home work”.

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