Re-branding your career focus: from local to international

We once had a client: a marketing manager with experience in only his own country who had successfully gotten a job in UK with the support of Career Angels. A few years later, he approached us again, with a new goal in mind: to present himself as an “international manager”. The challenge: prior to his first UK-based job, his experience was limited only to one market, with no exposure to international brands; his profile therefore was quite different from what was required for the positions he was intending to look for.

In his case, we decided to take the following actions:

1) Refresh his Linkedin profile. Goals:

  • to make the profile searchable for Headhunters and Talent Acquisition Managers looking for Online Marketing Managers, Business Development Managers and General Managers
  • to present the client’s experience neither too general nor too narrow.

2) Prepare a new set of CVs:

  • updating the CVs with the new UK experience with an emphasis on it
  • switching to a descriptive approach when describing his local experience, i.e. insteaed of Company X “the leading classifieds website in PL”, “managed marketing department in leading Polish real estate classifieds website for 3 years”
  • preparing 3 different CV versions: general management profile, business development profile, online marketing profile.

3) Prepare a set of “intro teasers” for application emails.

  • preparing three different sets of teasers for three search directions: general management, business development and online marketing
  • preparing cover emails consisting of several “bricks” that can be chosen from depending on the position.

A few days after refreshing the LI profile the client got a request via LI from a HH on behalf of one of the world’s largest Internet conglomerates focusing on emerging markets, saying: “They are looking for a Chief Marketing Officer and you seem like the man for the job, looking at your LinkedIn profile”. The result? The client successfully found another job in the UK.