Project Managers on the job market: threats and opportunities

Career Angel Izabela Michaliszyn spoke at the II Project Management Forum about the job market for Project Managers:

  • Who are Project Managers competing with on the job market?
  • What salaries can they expect?
  • (Not)great examples of PM CVs
  • Project Portfolio as a CV supplement
  • Project Manager at an interview – most common mistakes

Here are the answers in short:

Q: Who are Project Managers competing with on the job market?

A: According to our research on LinkedIn an average Project Manager:

  • has 18 years of professional experience
  • had already worked at 6.5 companies
  • speaks on average 1.7 languages
  • 20% have completed their MBA studies

So, who is a Project Manager? We used to think about this position only in terms of IT companies. However, nowadays we can see how companies from different industries seek for people with knowledge of team management and experience in project coordination from the very beginning to the end.

Q: What salaries can they expect?

A: The correct answer is: it depends. Are you employed? Or do you invoice a company based on a daily rate? How senior are you?

  • Employed mid-level Project Managers make on average from 5 500 PLN to 10 860 PLN, with a median of 7 711 PLN gross in Poland (source: [EUR 1 310 / 2 585 / 1 835]). For other locations, please use glassdoors’ search engine:
  • Freelance Project Managers have a daily rate of 600 – 1 500 PLN + VAT [EUR 143 – 358]
  • Employed experienced Project Manager: 7 500 – 25 000 PLN gross [EUR 1 786 – 5 952]
  • Employed Portfolio Managers can expect an increase of approx. 15-20%

Q: (Not)great examples of PM CVs? Project Portfolio as a CV supplement

A: We will discuss these in a separate post in more detail. Spoiler alert: the documents are different from the more traditional formats!

Q: Project Manager at an interview – most common mistakes?

A: The biggest sin of all interviewees, including Project Managers, is not preparing for the questions that surely will be asked. Which are they? Here some examples:

  • How long have you been managing projects?
  • What kind of projects have you completed? With what kind of results?
  • What project management methodology is the most appealing to you?
  • What is your role as a Project Manager?
  • How do you motivate your team?
  • Give an example of a situation when a project could not be finished.
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

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