Outplacement – from the participant’s point of view

According to the very definition of outplacement, despite the undeniable advantages for companies, the service is essentially about helping employees.

What do they expect from outplacement?

In 2016 a survey was conducted among companies in Poland, which started or where about to start an outplacement program. The companies were asked about what their employees value / valued most in the offered services. According to Izabela Michaliszyn who summarized the results:

86% considered support in job interview preparation crucial
72% appreciated determining a job hunting strategy
66% stated that the assessment of their professional potential and emotional support were the key elements

Topics that can be discussed during the whole process are i.a.:

  • job hunting strategy
  • next professional steps
  • paths of professional development
  • emotions connected with (upcoming) unemployment (and help in rebuilding undermined self esteem which is often a result of being made redundant)
  • the participant’s value on the job market
  • market trends
  • application documents (in various languages)
  • presence on portals like LinkedIn, Xing, Goldenline
  • content of application e-mails
  • job interview simulation
  • Assessment / Development Center
  • negotiating job offer / salary
  • list of potential employers and relevant decision makers
  • list of headhunters
  • networking

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