Online Job Ad

Applying to hundreds of job ads is one of the least effective job hunting methods, but one that must not be left out. Our dear friend Vilfredo Pareto knew that 20% of efforts generate 80% of results. At 80% is not enough. As you will probably want to ensure you receive the BEST available job offer, you should not exclude online ads, though you should spend the least time on it. So far, only 5% of our clients* have accepted a job offer that was generated directly by an online job advertisement.

The best strategy for that source of potential job offers: register with the most popular two to three job portals, set an automatic job search that provides you with links once a week, reserve 30 minutes in front of the computer with a cup of your favorite beverage and click through the links. Again, remember: the higher up you find yourself on the corporate ladder, the less suitable offers you will find. Do not apply to everything that seems even partly interesting.

* In 2012, 1% of our Top Executive Clients accepted an offer generated from an online source – that being LinkedIN. 10% of our experienced specialist found a job via common job portals.