Online & Flexible in 2020

Career Angels is a digital, premium career services boutique for experienced managers and executives, mainly in Europe. Our team has embraced technology and the life & work style that consequently is possible.

While logistically nothing changed in our day-to-day work in 2020 (we’ve been remote since 2013!), it did change what we did (and could do) after work. As you will see, some of our team members struggled to adapt to the “new normal” and for many, it was an opportunity to (re)discover their surroundings. View our presentation to find out how we usually take advantage of our flexible work style and what changed for us in 2020.

How did you and your team adapt to the new remote reality in 2020? Email your impressions and advice to, we’ll prepare an updated version of our “working from home”-piece!

If you need support in adapting your organization to the new reality (improved recruitment processes, remote work habits, training for managers on how to lead remotely, making your on-boarding online), feel free to reach out:

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