Networking: over-estimated!

These past two to three weeks we have repeatedly heard from our prospects:
“There are no available jobs for me. I told you, you need to know somebody to get a job… and I don’t know anybody…”

There are three aspects to consider:

Aspect 1) Diversification
Have you covered all methods to generate job offers?
Have you contacted at least 20 relevant Executive Search Consultants directly?
Have you applied to at least 20 decision makers?
Have you researched for job ads on e.g. Linkedin?

If you haven’t, you have no right to complain. Networking is only one of several channels to access the hidden job market.

Aspect 2) Bull?
If you have been in touch with your contacts, have you done it correctly, skillfully, elegantly? Or have you behaved like a bull in a china shop?

Aspect 3) The power of relationships
Assuming you are an experienced manager: if after min. 10 years on the job market, you haven’t managed to built diversified relationships inside & outside your company, you should re-evaluate your strategy for the future.

A good manager should have the ability to establish, foster and maintain strong relationships across different levels of an organization and across different industries.

Don’t blame your network or your lack of networking skills for not being able to find a job. Go back to the basics. Apply the job hunting basics. Become a better networker.