Kill 6 birds with one stone

Myth: a candidate can be hired right away by sending one email that includes a generic motivation letter and an average CV. Let’s be realistic: not gonna happen.

Imagine: you go to a bar. You see somebody that wows you. You approach that special person and say, “Hi would you like to marry me?” You hear a “yes” and then live happily ever after. Also not gonna happen.

In the job hunting process one element is responsible for unlocking one door. Not 4 not 5. One.

Key Door that needs unlocking
An adequate subject line Your email gets clicked and read instead of deleted
A well-written cover email Reader is curious enough and opens CV
Exceptional CV prepared with reader in mind Somebody calls you to verify
Screening call that confirms that you are as good over the phone as you are on paper Gets you invited to a general interview
You are well-prepared for the interview You make it to a second interview
Even better prepared Might get you a job offer or at least to the third round

Although the bar scenario seems straight out ridiculous and unrealistic (except for romantic comedies), many, many, many managers on the job market believe that the universe will make an exception only for them by bombarding a recruiter or hiring manager with one email in 2 languages, all their references and certificates. Not gonna happen.