Key interview points

What are the key points that you should pay attention to during an interview?
– Never close the door to an opportunity – it is always better to be in the position where you can choose from a number of jobs rather than only one
– Answer questions with full explanations whenever possible and not a simple “yes” or “no”
– Always tell the truth
– The interviewer may steer the conversation into politics or economics. Since this can be tricky, it is best to answer the questions honestly trying not to say more than is necessary
– Do not let your discouragement show. If you get the impression that the interview is not going well and that you have already been rejected do not show discouragement or alarm. Sometimes interviewers who are genuinely interested in your possibilities may seem to discourage you in order to test your reaction
– Avoid inquiring about:
– salary
– bonuses
– holidays
… unless the interviewer raises the issue first. However, you should know your market value and be prepared to specify your required salary range the latest at the second round interview. If you are not sure, you may find updated salary surveys on the Internet, can ask headhunters directly to provide you with information or ask your Career Angel for an updated Salary Survey.