Join us this week! Career Angels’ event calendar

Join us this week! Career Angels’ event calendar

Join us this week! Career Angels’ event calendar

Do you want to enhance your career? Know the four main patterns of career paths? Improve team culture? Have access to the know-how of Career Angels? Learn about the latest trends? Data? Methodology? Read this blog post to see where and when you can join one of our many lectures, webinars, podcasts, live events, training sessions and alike!

This week:

→ Topic: Spot & Apply to Hidden Job Ad Gems – with applying via Email tips!
Date: July 5, 2024 / 13:10 – 13:25 CEST
Speaker: Maria Bożek
For/mat: live streaming
Language: Polish
About: Maria will share details of relevant and (probably) genuine recruitment processes for international experienced candidates in Europe. And, she will also show you how to take the direct approach by applying via email!

What else is happening soon?

→ Open day of our post-graduate degree “Doradztwo Kariery w Praktyce”
Date: July 11, 2024 / 17:00 – 18:00 CEST
Speaker: Anna Zadrożna
For/mat: live streaming, click here to register!
Language: Polish
About the degree: We would like to invite you to the open day of the postgraduate program “Doradztwo Kariery w Praktyce” organized by the Warsaw University of Technology Business School and Career Angels. During the meeting you will get acquainted with the program, talk to one of the lecturers and take part in substantive classes.

Anna will discuss the role of Career Consulting in an organization and address the following topics:

  • Managing career paths and employee typology
  • The four main patterns of career paths: Expert, Linear, Spiral and Transitional
  • Basic career motivators according to heart and brain
  • The employee lifecycle (e.g. employer branding, recruitment, on/offboarding)
  • Introducing career consulting to the organization (based on a real example!)

Do you have any doubts about whether this knowledge will be useful to you? Contact, who will provide you with all the information you need about development opportunities in this area.

→ Topic: Open day of the Career Consultant Course
Date: August 14, 2024 / 17:00 – 18:00 CEST
Speaker: Anna Mady and Anna Zadrożna
For/mat: online via Zoom
Language: Polish
How to join: details will be available soon
About the series: Do you influence the careers of others? Positively and effectively? Would you like to do that? Do you work in HR? Are you a recruiter? A coach? Maybe you already have your own career counseling practice and want to improve your effectiveness? Do you have at least 7 years of professional experience? You’ve come to the right place! Become a highly valued professional, who dynamically responds to changes in the job market, and who has the skills necessary to deliver services properly and effectively by completing our Career Consultant Course.

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