Job Search Webinars – a form of Outplacement Support

Right after the pandemic hit Europe, we asked ourselves: how can we support the many, many candidates who saw their jobs affected? The majority of companies don’t offer any kind of job search support to those who they had to let go – for those who are new to this topics – that support is called: Outplacement.

While our competitors (wealthy corporations) focused on “business as usual” and running online questionnaires for HR people, Career Angels decided to produce two editions of 4-module webinars – completely free of charge. Why? Because it was the right thing to do! Some companies decided to contribute to our crowdfunding efforts, as their employees were participating.

In this post we are sharing the stats and how both – companies & individuals – still can take advantage of them:

Both editions have attracted approx. 1000 participants from all over the world who have spontaneously expressed that our webinars are “the best they’ve seen currently being offered for professionals / managers / executives looking for a job or trying to stay in control of their careers”. The structure:

Module 1: “How to set a realistic goal & how to position yourself” was about defining who you are on the job market and how to present yourself as a unique candidate.
Module 2: “How to prepare a CV (also for ATS), LinkedIn Profile” showed how to prepare basic tools of a job search: a CV for humans, ATS-friendly CV and how to optimize a LinkedIn profile.
Module 3: “How to find & contact recruiters & companies & how to network” was about efficiency of different job search channels and how to generate job offers via recruiters, networking, job ads and contacting companies directly.
Module 4: “Ace online & offline interviews” presented how to prepare for an interview (especially online) and how to use your communication skills in order to improve your chances of getting hired.

The stats:

  • 16 webinars in 2 languages (Polish and English)
  • 4159 slides in total with practical know-how and useful tips
  • The ~1000 participants on ClickMeeting were from or based in e.g. AT, BE, BG, CH, CZ, DE, ES, FR, HU, IT, PL, PT, RO, SG, UK, US
  • 1997 minutes (33+ hours) of recording
  • 4546 views on Facebook
  • 2775 views on YouTube
  • 20+ donations on PayPal – thank you!

What have participants said about our Open Webinars? What have they learned?

  • They guide you through the job search and recruitment process.
  • They are full of really useful tips and tricks based on facts and KPIs, not on personal opinions.
  • I now know that I have to take time for career management and never give up.
  • I have learned that my CV is not ATS–friendly. And I know how to prepare one.
  • I saw how to behave during screening call and online interviews.
  • I now know that my job search target is completely wrong. I’ve updated my strategy.
  • I learned how to address weaknesses and explain sabbatical year.
  • I understood that I have to always be proactive and think outside the box to stand out from the crowd.
  • They show you practical, real examples in a very professional way and give you hope.

They would recommend them to:

  • everyone seeking for a job, not only managers or executives.
  • all people engaged on business environment – not only to find a job, but also to enlarge your network.
  • people who are over 40 years old.
  • not only to job seekers, but also to freelancers and independent consultants.
  • all students approaching their degree, but also to experienced professionals.

professionals / managers / C–level to assess themselves & learn about updated labor market needs.

Watching and implementing the know-how will help you:

  • formulate a better job search goal and strategy.
  • prepare a good CV, CV for ATS and LinkedIn profile (for both humans & the algorithm).
  • generate interest on the job market by effectively using all four channels: networking, direct application, job ads or headhunters.
  • ace interviews – online & offline.

… but above all else, it’ll make sure that you find a better job in less time without the usual frustrations.

Have you or your employees been affected by COVID-19? If you have missed our Open Webinars, you can still get access to our content – and it’s still for free! Simply send an email to with the subject: Open Sessions.

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