Job Search Webinars: 14 reasons why it’s (still) worth watching them

We’ve collected some feedback and impressions from the participants of both editions of our Open Webinars. Here’s what they think of our initiative and how has it helped them so far:

I have made it to the final round with one job […]. Your tips helped because I contacted the CMO directly. They respect my effort so far in terms of applying […]. I don’t know what will happen, but you helped so much!
External Consultant

I got invited for an interview […] and the recruiter asked me for my CV, therefore I sent the one I had prepared based on Open Webinars. During the interview, I was answering questions using the STAR method. Then I got invited for the second interview […]. I do believe that recruiters have a better first impression once reading my tidy, improved CV.
A big thank you to Career Angels for providing such useful tips!
Financial Controller

Thank you for the support! I modified my CV and the screening calls are going much better for me now. I have had a few interviews so far […]. Another useful piece of advice was to get in touch with headhunters. I am slowly building my network.
Professional Development & Learning Lead
I have applied directly 15 times: I got 4 replies and 1 interview invitation. Open Webinars taught me:

  • to participate in a recruitment process until the very end
  • emphasise my strengths using numbers
  • write a CV that I am actually happy with for the first time in my life
  • “to be on the job market” even if I don’t want to change the job now, because it’s good to have options – you never know what’s around the corner.

Meeting you was a wonderful experience that I will remember for a very long time!
Project Manager

Thank you a lot for everything you do for me & for other experienced managers looking for new challenges. One day I’m full of excitement and hope, and the next day I see everything in black colours. But everyday I wake up smarter and stronger, learning from my mistakes.
Marketing Director

Open Webinars helped me with an online interview (I almost refurnished my room in order to have better light :)). I improved my CV – on the last interview I asked why they invited me if I have no industry experience. The employer said my CV stood out of the crowd. You are doing a great job – for us, unemployed, but not only!
Quality Expert

Open Webinars turned out to be very helpful not only for me, but also for my husband. They helped me understand the point is not to quit the corporate world, but to find a path/company which appreciates my experience and lets me realise my own projects. Great initiative!
Sales Director

A very solid portion of knowledge! When listenining, you simply “absorb” it :) Your statistics showing low effectiveness of applying to job ads were in line with my own experience – this channel hasn’t brought any results to me.
Plant Manager

Open Webinars present huge and very valuable knowledge. You are a phenomenal company and I’m more than happy that I was given a chance of participating in the webinars. I recommend them to all my friends looking for a job.
Senior Business Manager

I started to work on improving my network and LinkedIn: I subscribed to LinkedIn Premium to have a better view on job offers, requirements and skills of my competition; I connected with several industry “gurus” in order to share their posts, comment and build my network. In the meantime, I received an interesting job offer (from my network), which I have accepted.
Project Manager

The module about interviews was the most useful for me – thanks to it I’m improving my skills of verbal “positioning”: “I achieved”, “results of xxx brought xxx” etc. They don’t teach it in schools or universities nor in most homes. I am eliminating my modesty. Just in the last week I’ve had 2 interviews in 2 companies.
Regional Manager

Career Angels’ support and Open Webinars were a groundbreaking step in my job search process. They made me realise several important things that you need to remember when you want to be effective. I have done a lot to get closer to my goal: improved my CV and LinkedIn profile, made a list of 90+ potential bosses, 30+ recruiters, I’m applying on job ads, I went to 2 interviews. Before I had no idea how to even get started.

Participating in Open Webinars made me think a lot. Now I look differently at what I should write and highlight in my documents.

Thank you for the amazing webinar sessions. I learned a lot of interesting things and I even started to practice them during applications and interviews. I particularly liked the module about CVs; even though my CV was in quite a good shape (at least I thought so), after the webinars I made a lot of adjustments, e.g. removed two columns and completely reworked my profile summary.

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