Job Search Videos – 10 reasons why you should watch them

COVID-19 showed us all that we can never take anything for granted – including, or especially, our jobs. The job market had already been competitive before. Nowadays, you need to put even more (strategic) effort into your job search process to be successful.

That’s why we’ve decided to share our know-how & come up with the Free Job Search Webinars initiative. From April to May 2020 we conducted (and recorded!) 16 webinars with almost 1000 participants from all around the world who have spontaneously expressed that they are “the best they’ve seen currently being offered for professionals / managers / executives looking for a job or trying to stay in control of their careers”.

We’ve selected the best 10 opinions / reasons for why it’s worth watching them and we share them below:

1. You can see yourself from the recruiter’s point of view.
I think showing the HR perspective and its role in the recruitment process was very important for me. It helped me understand how candidates are perceived and what emotions we cause by acting in a certain way.

2. You will receive step-by step materials to help you customize your CV (also for ATS).

I have re-thought my job search strategy and fully re-formatted my CV in accordance to the step-by-step instructions that we received. Now, every time I apply for a job, it’s with a customized CV to increase my chances to be recommended by the used ATS.

3. The videos don’t repeat obvious solutions and tips.

Every minute is used at its fullest. Career Angels don’t lose time to repeat obvious things that everybody already knows. Everything is very practical, interesting and they share solutions which you can use and implement right after the webinar.
Head of Business Unit

4. Even if you are currently employed, you never know what tomorrows brings – and it’s worth preparing in advance!

I would definitely recommend your webinars not only to people looking for a job “right now”, but also to those who think of changing and who want to be well-prepared. I believe that they are useful to anyone, as the know-how is prepared and presented in a very concentrated manner.

[…] how to turn the job search into an effective project, where you need to apply KPIs, prepare data, statistics and monitor it. I really liked such an organized structure of the project “new job”. I recommend it to everyone who works, because nowadays even if you are 100% sure of your job, you cannot predict unexpected events that might make you look for a job.
Head of Business Unit

I recommend the webinars not only to job seekers, but to everyone active on the market. Looking for a job is a complex, multi-stage and long process. It begins long before deciding to change a job. It is worth to have that knowledge in order to consciously manage all elements of this process and significantly improve your chances when such a need occurs.
Business Development Director

5. You haven’t looked for a job in a long time and you need to refresh your knowledge.

You explain things which are unknown to many people who’ve spent many years in one organization or position as they simply weren’t interested in them. And when change surprises them, they feel confused when seeing all the job offers, because they are actually lost in what they are looking for. I definitely recommend them!

6. You have been looking for a job for a long time without seeing any results.

I am again more open to the world. In the last weeks I had lost my faith that anything will work out. After the first module, which I listened to with surprise, I was already full of hope. […] I recommend it to everyone, irrespective of their age!

[…] how to act to avoid being too pushy when contacting your boss or HR; how to write a cover letter – I’ve lost so much time on writing it each time I applied for a job. I recommend it to people who have been looking for a dream job ineffectively for a long time and they are slowly starting to lose hope and think about giving up (like me before the webinars :))
Head of Department

7. The tips & know-how are based on KPIs and real-life examples, not personal opinions.

Your tips were really sound and helpful, as they are based on facts and KPIs, not on personal opinions.
Head of Business Unit

The most valuable take-away from all the webinars is to always act proactively and think out of the box in order to stand out of the crowd. It was really worth joining because it was interactive and you gave very practical examples based on real-life situations. I would recommend it not only to people who are actively searching for a job, but also to professionals trying to enlarge their network.
Project Manager

8. The videos put everything into a new perspective.

Participating in Open Webinars made me think a lot. Now I look differently at what I should write and highlight in my documents.

I saw myself from an external, objective point of view which highlighted my mistakes during the job search process. It was a great opportunity to learn how we should pay attention to details.

I learnt that I don’t need to lie or pretend to be someone else just to find the right fit. You showed me a totally different perspective. My friends work in HR, but now I see that they are subjective and contradictory. I loved your Open Webinars, they are a great source of knowledge!
External Consultant

9. You learn how the recruitment process works & how to stand out of hundreds of other candidates.

I have learned a way to collect all my thoughts and to define a path. Most importantly: to never give-up.
I truly believe that it was worth joining because you have explained many things and now I have a much better understanding of how the recruitment process works.

Open Webinars helped me with online interviews (I almost refurnished my room in order to have better light :)). I improved my CV – on the last interview I asked why they invited me although I have no industry experience. The employer said my CV stood out of the crowd. You are doing a great job – for us, unemployed, but not only!
Quality Expert

10. They help you achieve measurable results.

I got invited for an interview […] and the recruiter asked me for my CV, therefore I sent the one I had prepared based on the Open Webinars. During the interview, I was answering questions using the STAR method. Then I got invited for the second interview […]. I do believe that recruiters have a better first impression once reading my tidy, improved CV.
Financial Controller

I have applied directly 15 times: I got 4 replies and 1 interview invitation. Open Webinars taught me to:
– participate in a recruitment process until the very end
– emphasize my strengths using numbers
– write a CV that I am actually happy with for the first time in my life
– “be on the job market” even if I don’t want to change the job now, because it’s good to have options – you never know what’s around the corner.
Project Manager

Career Angels’ support and Open Webinars were a groundbreaking step in my job search process. They made me realize several important things that you need to remember when you want to be effective. I have done a lot to get closer to my goal: improved my CV and LinkedIn profile, made a list of 90+ potential bosses, 30+ recruiters, I’m applying to job ads, I went to 2 interviews. Before I had no idea how to start.

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