Job Hunting Virgin

Is it possible that…
… a 42 year old knows nothing about the job market?
… an accomplished CEO has survived without a LinkedIn profile?
… an experienced Sales Director has never spoken to a headhunter?
… a 54 year old does not even have a CV?

Of course it is. Why? Because as per definition, “a virgin is a person who is naive, innocent, or inexperienced in a particular context.” In our case we will refer to a “job hunting” virgin. Some examples:

  • somebody that was hired through a graduate recruitment program into e.g. P&G, Nestle and alike and has ever since been promoted internally; consequently spending “their whole life in one company”
  • a board member who although they have had 3 different employers by the age of 43, had never participated in any formal recruitment process as all their hires were through solid network recommendations; submitting a CV was rather an HR formality
  • a professional who follows their boss/team to new companies meaning that somebody else (superior) does the interviewing for them
  • an experienced manager who due to their successful upward track record neglected to build a strategic job hunting network
  • an expert who due to their focus and involvement in their current job never bothered to entertain calls from headhunters

And there is nothing to be ashamed of. It is simply how you have to date moved on the job market.

Now, what should a job hunting virgin do facing their first time?
Correct! Prepare yourself! And protect yourself!

Prepare yourself:

  • educate yourself (e.g. read our free materials)
  • talk to your friends & family
  • consult with somebody more experienced
  • think things through
  • approach looking for a job as an actual job or project which means: prepare an action plan and stick to it; adapt where necessary

Protect yourself:

  • don’t believe everything you hear
  • make sure you are aware of what you truly need and want – don’t do something because everybody else thinks it’s the right thing to do
  • be consistent and focused, in other words: don’t allow yourself to get distracted
  • having said that: if you are unemployed (or already on leave), make sure you have something else – productive – to do, like a project: organizing photos, clearing out the garage or cellar, etc.

If you are a job hunting virgin, contact us to schedule a free career consultation with one of our Career Angels. Complimentary & non-obligatory.