Job Hunting Report – what 2019 tells us about 2020

Since 2012 we’ve been meticulously collecting data on what works and what doesn’t on the job market from an experienced candidate’s perspective – we are the only player in Europe that does that. Thanks to the data and consequent insights each year, we are better equipped at advising our C-suite clients.

Interpreting stats is ever more important in a world that continues to be VUCA – why? Without proper research most executives meander in frustration from interview to interview, if they were able to land one in the first place. Our KPI-driven approach allows us to effectively help experienced candidates navigate the labyrinth that is the job market.

Here are the most important bullet points:

  • The number of clients not looking for a job has increased from 26% to 36%; we can infer from that two things: 1) More senior managers proactively want to manage their further career path and positioning on the job market – 2-3 years prior to the intended change. 2) More clients trust us to be their sounding boards and trusted allies in matters of their career strategies.
  • Only 3.5% of our clients decided to set up their own companythat’s 50% less than in 2018 and the lowest since 2012! A possible interpretation: given the unpredictable market experienced managers prefer to find stability in employment. For reference the number for previous years: 13% in 2012, 14% in 2013, 12% in 2017!
  • 85.5% found a job while only 11% decided not to change despite other offers. These are the highest and lowest percentages since 2012 – in other words: less executives are window-shopping, more of them are decided to change due to both internal (decisiveness, motivation) and external (changes in corporate structures & strategies) aspects.
  • Source of accepted job offers” is the most important KPI, because it shows the efficiency of job hunting channels, in other words, it tells us what’s worth spending time & effort on when looking for a new job; first the overview, then the commentary; the results for 2019 are as follows:
    • 39% efficiency forSpeculative Introduction” (contacting your potential boss at 60-90 companies directly); 2018: 59%, 2017: 39%; average since 2012: 50.375%
    • 35% efficiency forNetworking” (strategically using your current network and building a new one); 2018: 24%, 2017: 28%; average since 2012: 24.625%
    • 8% efficiency forExecutive Search Firms” (contacting the most relevant headhunters); 2018: 14%, 2017: 23%; average since 2012: 19.625%
    • 18% efficiency forJob Ads” (applying via published job ads); 2018: 3%, 2017: 10%; average since 2012: 5.375%; note: from 2012 – 2015 none of our executive clients found a job via this channel; average since 2016: 10.75%

Looking at the above efficiency of job hunting channels, the most important thing to notice is the stark raise inJob Ads”, especially after the drop to 3% in 2018. What happened there? Two things:

1. More than half of the job ads originated from LinkedIn that had changed their algorithm in 2018; we assume that the initial drop was because of that not-so-successful change; to give you an example: in 2018 Career Angels received lots and lots of applications from IT Directors for a role that was clearly HR; the algorithm recommended candidates that had nothing to do with recruitment, etc. LinkedIn fixed it and we can see that in the numbers.

2. ATS (Applicant Tracking System) are on the raise – even for experienced managers and executives. That means: everybody now needs a CV formatted for ATS software. No excuses.

And here what we are simply proud of:

  • We delivered 71 lectures, webinars, bootcamps, workshops, trainings that have attracted 1940 participants across i.a. Austria, Belgium, Italy, Poland, Germany or the Internet. That’s 640 more than in 2018! That’s 1.37 know-how sharing events per week! The topics: How to hack LinkedIn, Job Crafting, CV for ATS, Personal Branding, Effective Job Hunting KPIs, Do you manage your career or does it manage you?, Job search for 50+, etc.
  • We continued with our confidential gettogethers calledChallenge Accepted” with and for experienced managers and executives who have “accepted the challenge” of maneuvering the VUCA job market.
  • We tested a new format calledCareer Bootcampin Warsaw, Vienna and Mannheim with stellar reviews like this one: Why should somebody come? To have access to valuable exercises, methods, information that they don’t even know they need yet. To learn more about themselves. To analyze if where they currently stand is in fact where they would like to be, and to be exposed to invaluable insider information that is key in a make it or break it scenario. To save time, have realistic expectations, and avoid unnecessary frustration when job searching and trying to improve their professional path.
  • We completed and delivered 3495 tasks to our clientsthat’s 911 more than in 2018!

You can download the full report here.

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