Job Hunting Report 2022

Job Hunting Report 2022

Job Hunting Report 2022

We expected 2022 to be a better year than the previous ones, but on February 24 we had to curb our expectations. What followed was a difficult year for Ukrainian professionals, and us trying to support them as much as we could. Apart from that, it was also another year of training future Career Advisors, assisting G/E/MBA graduates, and delivering major consulting projects.

Since 2012, we have been continuously collecting data on the job market with the aim of supporting experienced candidates – we are the only player in Europe that does that. Our comprehensive analyses make us well-equipped to work with professionals and guide them through the job market. This has proved more than crucial in the tumultuous year that was 2022.

Source of accepted job offers” continues to be the most important KPI that we track, as it shows how efficient each job search channel is. We learn what’s worth spending the most time and effort on when looking for a new job, and we are happy to share this knowledge with everyone who needs it.

This year, there’s been a major shift in the effectiveness of job search channels for experienced managers and executives, and for the first time “Direct Contact” has been dethroned and given its position to a channel that was steadily rising in effectiveness in the past years. Here are the results for 2022:

  • 30% efficiency for Speculative Introduction (contacting companies directly)
  • 21% efficiency for Networking
  • 13% efficiency for Executive Search Firms (contacting the most relevant headhunters)
  • 36% efficiency for Job Ads (applying via published job ads) – back in 2015, this would have been unheard of, but in 2022 – this job search channel gained the lead over all the others

Efficiency of Job Hunting Channels

This is an even bigger deal than before! In 2022, more than a third of our senior clients found a job by applying for a job advertisement, and our prediction is that this number will only increase in the following years. What does this mean for all future job seekers:

  • preparing a CV specifically meant to comply with ATS (Applicant Tracking System), and doing it correctly, is above imperative
  • adjusting your CV to each and every job ad yields tangible results
  • optimizing your LinkedIn profile for the algorithm, so you are matched and ranked effectively

And here are some of our achievements in 2022:

  • our returning client rate has increased from 40% to 54% (we’ve simply been a year longer on the market :))
  • we completed 34.5% more tasks for our clients than in 2021
  • together with prof. Rikard Larsson from Decision Dynamics, we conducted webinars that attracted almost 3,500 professionals
  • so far, a total of 110 participants have been trained by us as part of the Career Consultant Course – with the fifth and sixth edition having been delivered in 2022
  • we started the second edition of “our” post-graduate degree “Career Advisory” due to the success of the first edition

Click here to read the full Job Hunting Report 2022:

  • page 2: an overview of the year with graphs
  • page 3 & 4: client statistics & KPIs
  • page 5: B2B resources
  • page 6: information on our didactic efforts
  • page 7: resources for experienced managers & executives
  • page 8: observations on the job market
  • page 9: tips for career management

After reading everything, you still want more? Would you like to take advantage of our expertise and talk to an experienced consultant? You can request a free-of-charge LinkedIn Report with feedback on all your sections systematically, as well as a 20-to-30-minute Career Consultation, also free of charge!