Is the war for talent back on?

Is the war for talent back on?

Is the war for talent back on after COVID-19? Knowing how the supply of and demand for candidates looks like in the markets you are active in, is an important source of data for both sides of the job markets.

The supply of & demand for candidates

1) For employers (incl. recruiters & HR professionals): more demand for candidates (coupled often with less unemployment) means that salaries and/or benefit packages go up and the “post and pray” approach might not be enough to attract the talent you want and need.

2) For active job seekers: the more demand, the less effort you need to put into your job search – phrasing it in a slightly simplified way, as it doesn’t mean that finding a new role will happen overnight. But it’s a good indication of how much time the job search process might take and if and how your salary negotiation position could improve (see point 1).

During the last live session, Sandra Bichl from Career Angels summarized how 80 countries across the globe are coming out of CV-19. You can find out if the war for talent is back on. And if we – the world or specific regions/countries – are out of the woods or if celebrations are too premature or caution is still warranted.

Watch the recorded Live event here.

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