Interview the interviewer: answers to your most burning questions!

In our LinkedIn Learning-based series of blog posts we have covered the topic on interview preparation. But what about your own questions? What would you like to know from recruiters, hiring managers, headhunters… the interviewers?

To quote Jenny Foss, a career strategist and the author of the next LinkedIn Learning video, “show up with some questions to ask so you don’t look like a dang fool.

This course of 17m 16s, entitled Job Seeker Tips, is rather short but very insightful. It also covers other tricky issues, such as handling gaps in your CV!

We chose the most interesting highlights for you & here is the sneak peak of the content:

Do your homework

First and foremost, remember that your interviewer agreed to give you something very precious: their time. So ask yourself: am I prepared? To put it bluntly: you should be.

Do your homework! Research your interviewer – their interests, career history etc. It is a good idea to bring them up, as it is an excellent ice breaker! Everything in moderation though – make sure you frame questions in a polite and relevant way so you don’t look like a stalker.

Some questions you may also ask:
– what’s the best part about working (t)here?
– what are the most challenging aspects of the job?

In this way, you will show a genuine interest, both in the interviewer and in the position / company.

Bonus tips: I have gaps in resume / I want to change industry

Don’t panic! It is quite a common thing. The easiest strategy to deal with it: remove months from your CV. It makes the gap appear smaller (or makes them disappear altogether).

If the gap was longer than a year, present what you were doing then in a positive way, e.g. highlight your skills. Let’s say that you moved because your spouse got a job offer but you worked part-time and still made use of your skills.

Therefore, showcase your tangible successes and real change you made in the businesses you worked for, even part-time.

Our favorite piece of advice about CV gaps from the course: “there are a lot of scenarios that create gaps but these three basic rules apply to most of them. Close it, explain it, and rearrange.”

To watch the whole video click here and learn even more, for example:
– what to do when you are thinking that it’s time for a change in your career
– how to benefit from your 2nd degree connections on LinkedIn

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