HR Trends: a summary

HR Trends: a summary

HR Trends: a summary

About the series: CV-19 has accelerated many trends, including (or especially!) those related to HR and recruitment. Companies that want to hire valuable candidates – who don’t quit after 3 months – have to make sure they keep up with the newest trends. What’s even more important: they need to implement new strategies in the right way.

Trends that are introduced too fast and/or by the wrong department will backfire by e.g. generating additional costs, negative employer branding, losing valuable candidates, longer recruitment processes, low(er) candidate experience, etc.

To help companies avoid these mistakes, we put together a summary of the most important trends along an employee’s life cycle – with their accompanying threats and – where possible – adding relatively simple quick wins – everything backed up with stats and real cases.

5 phases of an employee’s life cycle

Phase #1: Attracting Candidates

This person is not your employee and has not yet applied for a job. They might not even know you exist, but this is only a matter of time. Read the article to see if your employer branding strategy is working, and learn how to attract candidates through LinkedIn, mobile devices, chatbots and your ESG efforts.

Phase #2: Recruiting Candidates

You have managed to pull candidates in. What now? Learn how to deal with ghosting, “plug & play” candidates and social media, read about the pros & cons of HR analytics, ATS, recorded job interviews… and more!

Phase #3: Onboarding

Congratulations! You have successfully recruited your perfect candidate. Make sure they stay with you for a long time, thanks to proper virtual onboarding. Read about a real case of a company that uses VR (Virtual Reality)!

Phase #4: Managing Employees

There are many different types of employee needs, and it’s up to the company to find out what they are. Read the article to learn (among others) about how to manage your team remotely.

Phase #5: Separating

The time has come for you and your employee to part ways. Letting go of an employee seems fairly simple, so what could go wrong? As it turns out: a lot. (Virtual) offboarding influences your employer branding, so you need to make sure you’re doing it right.

HR threats – what are the solutions?

All these new trends have potential threats and consequences, but don’t worry – we’ve put together a list of tips, quick wins and solutions! Being aware of potential difficulties allows you to analyse your current strategy to achieve even better results proactively!

And if you’d like to get some help navigating through the newest HR trends, we’d be more than happy to assist. If you’d like to discuss how Career Angels could support your company, send an email to