How to thank us

How to thank us - Career Angels

How to thank us

At Career Angels, we do a lot for the job market – especially since the beginning of the pandemic. Often completely free of charge. We are, therefore, asked – sometimes suspiciously: “Why do you do it? Why do you share your know-how freely?”. We are called “Angels” for a reason – we care. But also: we want to elevate our profession. We want to educate the market. We want to define standards. We want to set the bar high.

And once in a while, we are asked, “How can I help? How can I contribute?”. We’ve put together a list of things that you can do to help us help others – more about that below. First, a summary of our 2021 thus far to convince you that we merit your support:

1973 participants in 25 webinars of different formats + regular quantitative data tracking of the number of published job ads on LinkedIn + 525 curated hidden job market gems + 204 free career consultations + 4 moderated exclusive meetings for experienced managers and executives. And that’s just the beginning!

We perfectly understand how the job market reacts to COVID-19, we follow the data and subject it to regular analysis. We do that to educate ourselves to deepen our expertise, but it also helps us help our clients and audience by formulating effective job search and career management strategies.

So, if you like what we do or if you have found our knowledge valuable – in the form of a webinar, advice, a CV Report, a LinkedIn Report and/or a Career Consultation, you can thank us.

How you can thank us

Visit our How To Thank Us page and see what you can do for us. It may seem like just one click to you – but we are also fighting against algorithms just as much as you are :)