How (not) to create your online profile

People you interact with on daily basis “google, bing and yahoo you” (they write your full name into one of these search engines), especially before your first meeting or even the first contact.
What they find influences what they think about you and sometimes even disqualifies you.

Some statistics:
– 83% of recruiters use search engines to learn about candidates.
– 43% of recruiters admit to eliminating candidates based on information they found online.
– 80 000 000 are googled every day.

Our research conducted in Poland shows that:
– 25% of professionals treat the information they found on other people on the Internet seriously.
– 25% of people check the Internet before meetings.

Your online profile is the 21st century’s first impression!

Do you know if your online profile is of good quality? Please read “How (not) to create your online profile” for tips & evaluation. Happy googling!

How (not) to create your online profile