Here are our 6 reasons of why we don’t complain about young Millennials

At Career Angels we give bachelor students the opportunity to work with us till they have completed
their master studies, so that they can experience and learn about the job market from an extremely safe perspective.

Here a little bit about them:

  • only 1 in 70 applicants makes it through our recruitment process – in other words: only the best
  • our students to date have come from a variety of studies: marketing and management, linguistics, architecture, finance-related, quantitative methods, HR, etc.
  • all of them successfully combine work with studies, even very demanding, they are well-organized, responsible and supportive to our Career Angels
  • they speak foreign languages and can practice them regularly at work
  • they experiment with different areas of interest mainly: Marketing, Finance & Accounting, Legal & Admin, Translations, Data Analysis, Event Management, Public Speaking parallel to performing their daily tasks
  • all of our successful students who have spent 2-4 years with us have gone to pursue amazing (inter)national careers. We are extremely proud of them

And here are 6 reasons of why we don’t complain about young Millennials:

  • Izabela Kwiatosińska: Architecture studies; responsible for Database & Research; speaks English, Polish, Spanish & Portuguese
  • Karolina Kaźmierska: Marketing & Management studies; responsible for Marketing & Events; speaks English, Polish, Spanish & Portuguese
  • Dominika Baraniecka: Ethnolinguistics; responsible for Database & Research; speaks English, Spanish, Polish & Persian
  • Anna Szlezynger: Psychology studies; responsible for Research; speaks English, German & Polish
  • Anastasia Kotlyarenko: Linguistics & Conference Interpreting studies; responsible for Marketing; speaks English, Polish, Russian & Ukrainian
  • Maria Bożek: HR Management studies; responsible for HR & Administration, Clients; speaks English & Polish

If your son, daughter or friend is currently in their 1st, 2nd or 3rd year of bachelor studies, please suggest them to send their CV to

More info about the roles:

All successful applicants will go through a comprehensive 12-month training program with continuous
sessions in the following years.