HBR: “Managing Yourself”

There are some books that are worth reading, because they enable executives to manage their careers consciously. Additionally, some of them provide a unique insight to the world of headhunters.

One of the books we recommend is Harvard Business Review on Managing Yourself.

We recommend this book to those who aspire general manager positions. It provides insight on how to describe your career in the most interesting way. It is impossible not to mention Peter Drucker’s featured article “Managing yourself”. The author encourages to ask yourself important questions like: what are my strengths? How do I work best? What are my values? Where do I belong? What shall my input be? On the one hand, he warns us against changing ourselves and on the other hand, he advises that we shall focus on mastering the skills we already possess. It is the only way to achieve the best results even for an “average” person.

Have you read it? What are your thoughts on it? What did you like? What was missing?