Have some <3!

At Career Angels, every day we have the honor and pleasure to work with experienced managers across the globe, including the world’s top management. Our clients allow us to guide them through their job hunting struggles and frustrations, they let us into their personal space during Skype calls (sometimes we meet their kids or spouses). They share their plans and future goals so that we can support them to achieve them.

Thanks to the appreciation we receive every day from them, we’ve decided to launch an additional website about them: Love.CareerAngels.eu.

Why is it worth visiting?

This website is all about our clients, starting off with the most updated statistics on success rate and efficiency of job hunting channels.

Maybe we have helped someone that was in a similar situation to yours? You’ll find a list of selected client projects in the tab client list. You can filter all the cases by function like Finance, Sales & Marketing, etc.

Love letters: these are all spontaneous, non-solicited reactions and comments, as well as thank-you’s from our clients. Filter them by service or cooperation aspect that they valued the most.

We believe that every executive has the right to a confidential conversation about their careers to be able to effectively navigate the current labor market that might resemble a labyrinth. We help them with that. Therefore, feel free to request a complimentary Career Consultation, CV Report or LinkedIn Report.

With Love ;)
Career Angels