Free Materials: The first 90 days in your new job

Congratulations on your new role! The aim of the first 90 days – usually also legally the probation period – is for both the company and you to decide whether you are a fit for each other. To make sure your start is as smooth and successful as possible, we’ve put together a list of tips and best practices that professionals apply around the world.

You’ll find the following information:

  • Close the past: how to adequately summarize your previous position in order to embark on a new one properly and successfully?
  • Open the future: determine your career path. Is it worth identifying where you currently are on your career path and where it leads you?
  • Consciously manage your career: Decision Dynamics Career Model
  • Before your first day at work: how to prepare mentally and strategically (incl. a handy checklist!)

  • The first 30 days – first impression and observing
  • What to do and what to pay attention to while observing, in order to efficiently manage your team?
  • Day 30: the SWOT analysis
  • Quick wins: implementing fast, visible and beneficial changes
  • Personal Branding
  • The first 90 days – checklist
  • How to manage the probation period: should you still go to job interviews? When should you update your LinkedIn profile?

Click here to download the .pdf.

If you are an experienced manager with min. 10 years of experience who needs support in analyzing your current professional situation (incl. In your first 90 days) or indicating directions for your career development, take advantage of a free & confidential career consultation by clicking here or send an email to Bichl.Sandra (at) who will match you with one of our consultants.