Free event for International Community @ Google Campus: Windows to New Paths

Are you an international professional in Poland ready to explore new opportunities?

Are your looking for a place for networking and sharing knowledge?

Do you want to hear expert opinions and advice on the future job market, networking, start-ups and, most importantly from a job hunter’s point of view: managing your career?

Or maybe you are on the business side wanting to take advantage of the untapped talent pool of highly skills, multicultural, multilingual professionals?

If the answers is yes, then you definitely want to take a look at this event: “Windows to New Paths – Here to Explore New Opportunities”.

Want to know more?

The event is a joint initiative between the Netherlands-Polish Chamber of Commerce and Here we are Poland, “a community of global professionals who seek the opportunities that come with life on the move”.

Context: Poland is an entrepreneurial powerhouse, a global player with a growing need for
professionals in different areas of expertise. The international community in Warsaw is an untapped talent pool of highly skilled, multicultural, multilingual professionals who can meet those specific needs.

The transient group is a perfect match for temporary, short-term or project-based assignments in this growing entrepreneurial market and companies, including both SMEs and corporations.

Date: November 13th, 2018
Time: 10:00-13:00 (registration starts at 9:45)
Place: Google Campus in Warsaw

Keynote speaker: Sandra Bichl from CareerAngels on “The supply and demand of international candidates on the Polish market; How to make the most of trends & opportunities!

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