Email signatures: important?

I’ve received this suggestion, “Perhaps you could consider evaluating email signatures as well? I have several versions and add e.g. social links when I feel they are useful, but I always try not to overload the signature while at the same time always including sufficient contact info, basically the signature should be relevant to the email.”

The most important fragment of the above is “the signature should be relevant to the email”.

Our philosophy on email signature is as follows:
1) although you have an automatic signature with your name, “sign” it

I’m looking forward to working with you.

Kind regards,
Sandra [← my name “signed”]
– – –
Sandra Bichl [automatic signature]
+48 000 000 000 [←mobile phone number] [← personalized link to a relevant online profile]

What other links could you add?
– relevant blog
– relevant twitter account
– relevant Xing or GoldenLine profile or alike

As to Facebook, especially for managers and executives, keep it private.