Dream job after 50

This senior pharma professional shared via SpenglerFox how he approached being made redundant and how he ended up at his dream job after 50.

Here a teaser:
About him: after almost 20 years in commercial roles in pharma he found out a year in advance that his role would be made redundant. After unsuccessfully applying internally to roles, he used this moment to carry out a detailed self-evaluation of his professional skills and experiences.

You’ll read about his journey and his very positive outcome – and here we have to add a word of caution and a comment:

  • Looking at our data, a senior executive would have to approach at least 60-90 companies to receive 3 binding job offers. Not 35.
  • Ultimately a conversation about a probably not-so-exciting role led to his dream job that initially was not even visible. Lesson: talk to the people you are interviewing with. Explore the opportunities. Build relationships.

Definitely read the full case here with final insights on the whole transition process like “Improve your self-awareness” or “Bring clarity to your professional experience”, in other words: think about your branding and how you position yourself.

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