Disclaimer: our Door2YourCareer Program with selected business schools across Europe is currently in a pilot phase. With the feedback of the students, alumni and business schools, we’ll prepare a ‘proper’ website – due to be launched in 2019.

What is Door2YouCareer?

It’s an opportunity for business schools to offer complimentary career services to their students and/or alumni. The scope will depend on the cooperation agreement with the business school.

If your business school cooperates with Career Angels, you will receive a unique code either physically or virtually:

How do you access your services?

Send an email to Bichl.Sandra (at)
Add your CV and/or a link to your LinkedIn profile
Subject: Name of your school / Type of service / your unique code

Important: Your unique code is active as long as the cooperation agreement is in place. We will do our best to maintain them active even beyond, however, we reserve the right to amend the scope.

The current standard scope is as follows:

Career Consultation
45 min via Skype in English, German, Polish

We’ll focus on what’s important for you, as e.g.:
– your current professional situation
– your career development plans
– job hunting methods
– application documents.

In other words, you’ll be able to get expert advice on any of your doubts or questions. You can also use the time to bounce off ideas with an experienced sounding board.

CV Report
preparation time: 3-5 business days

The CV Report and its point system were prepared under the following assumptions:
– your CV is your business card and therefore should be perfect
– an ideal résumé communicates your personality and traits
– the content has the reader in mind and should, therefore, be relevant & concrete.

Therefore, the CV Report:
– assesses the document and NOT the quality of the experience or education
– assesses every single aspect of the document: from punctuation mistakes to typos.

LinkedIn Report
preparation time: 3-5 business days

Every single aspect that can be found on the Internet about you can work to your advantage or not. From a career management perspective having a professional LinkedIn profile is not optional, but mandatory. The report assesses the overall impression, every single section and element of the profile, as well as punctuation, typos and alike.

We are looking forward to hearing from you,
Sandra Bichl & Career Angels Team


PS. Career Angels is a boutique career consultancy operating mainly in Europe since 2010 – supporting experienced managers and executives in e.g. their career planning, personal branding or job search. Thanks to our analytical approach and systematic data collection, we track and talk KPIs which leads to more efficient and effective advice.

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Please note that we are not a recruitment agency.