Do I really need a LinkedIn profile?

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Q: Do I really need a LinkedIn profile? Context: I’m an accountant and I work in a small firm. For privacy reasons, I deleted my LinkedIn profile half a year ago. I feel uncomfortable sharing e.g. that I’m doing an MBA or that I’d like to find new opportunities.

Do you think I have a chance to change my job even if I do not have a LinkedIn profile? Are there any alternatives?

A: To be able to answer your questions precisely, I’d need to know:
– What kind of job will you be looking for?
– Based where?
– What kind of company?

It might be that your target group doesn’t use LinkedIn. If it is so, you won’t need one.

One thing you can do: contact relevant headhunters proactively (and correctly) and see what kind of response / interview rate you receive. [Good response rate: 30-50%, good interview rate: 5-10%]

If it’s satisfying and it turns into offers –> no need for a LinkedIn profile.
If it’s not satisfying –> probably a good idea to have a profile.

Aside from LinkedIn, there’s also Xing; although it’s international, it’s still most popular in the DACH region.

Last, but not least: having a LinkedIn profile doesn’t mean you have to say that you are looking for a job or doing an MBA. You decide what kind of information gets published.


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