CVs & Age Discrimination

This topic returns regularly: age discrimination when searching for a job.

In order to be successful at job hunting, the stats tell us that experienced managers who are 50+ need:

  • approx. 2 weeks longer to find a job
  • to build longer target lists of companies when applying
  • to be more selective / thoughtful when preparing said list

There are also tips on how to improve the CV, in order not to scream “I’m close to retirement”:

  • don’t include your birth date
  • focus on relevant experience / the last 10-15 years
  • add proof that you are up to date with trends & technology, as e.g.: add a personalized link to your well-prepared LinkedIn profile, attend courses on “digital… something” that fits your role / industry and add it to your CV

To deepen the topic, we highly recommend the following links:

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