CV Report Testing Results

Several month ago we introduced a new tool called “CV Report” that helped us, Career Angels, explain to potential clients what they had to improve on their CV. As it was initially meant to be a support tool and not a stand-alone one, we decided to ask 10 experienced managers from the LinkedIn group “Kariera Managera – Executive Careers in Poland” to volunteer their CVs in exchange for a CV Report. And in return we wanted to have their opinion on their expectations, etc.

Here are the results:
1) Participation:
29 people sent their CV (that’s when we shut the post down):
– 8 members of management boards (MB) = 28%
– 9 managers that report to the MB (MB -1) = 31%
– 12 experienced managers (MB -2) = 41%

2) Who kept their end of the bargain (it’s approx. 2 weeks since they’ve received their reports):
– MB: 100%
– MB -1: only 3 out of 9 = 33%
– MB -2: 9 out of 12 = 75%

3) Average CV quality
– MB: 56%
– MB -1: 50%
– MB -2: 38%

4) How useful was the report to them (prior to our improvements) on a scale from 1-10?
– MB: 6
– MB -1: 8 (for those 3 who did reply)
– MB -2: 7

Thanks to the predominantly constructive feedback, we have revised our report and are confident that it can be of value even without an oral explanation.

If you are interested in knowing how your CV scores, feel free to email me at Sandra.Bichl (at)

To all those who participated and shared their feedback: THANK YOU!