CV preparation tips

Preparing your CV avoid:
– writing in the first person. It makes the whole text more difficult to read. We know that there are career coaches that claim otherwise. We’ve verified with HR Directors and CEOs.
– enlisting your character traits or soft skills like “I am a creative person.” You are an executive and not a student! The entirety of the CV should perspire with your personality, which agreeably is very difficult to achieve. But there is no need to spell it out.
– and we cannot underline that enough – avoid writing irrelevant information such as your birthday,
marital status, number of children, all trainings you have ever attended, unrelated work experience as having been a TV technician or waitress, etc. etc.

Other hints:
– ideal length: 2-3 pages. Additional, relevant information that does not fit onto that 2-3 pages, should be placed in another document that we call Project Portfolio. More on that later.
– check and double-check: formatting, grammar, spelling, etc.

How do you add a personal touch?
– by adding a meaningful picture that, to achieve such an effect, must be really good. I searched for
almost 2.5 years to find our photographer.
– you can experiment with the font.
– you can very subtly (!) play with colors.