Comment to “The age issue”

We’ve asked a client to comment on this post.

Briefly about her: She’s 50+ and has worked i.a. with the Polish government on gender issues. Former 50+ job hunter who has successfully found a job with our support.

Her comments and experience:

The topic “50+” in itself is very complex as we have to consider various elements:

– awareness in society: the long-term changing, I’d even say, improving perception of 50+ and the stereotypes that come with it. As to the latter, I don’t want to accept the picture that is painted of women my age: out of work, neglected (more bluntly: not pretty; doesn’t take care of herself), spends most of her time with her grandchildren.

– overall labour market: it’s different in every country. Some cultures celebrate “wisdom” that comes with age. Some governments have invested in maintaining everyone active until their well-deserved retirement.

– readiness of employers to see the advantages of hiring experienced personnel: they already have their children – usually in college → less time off for child care; they’ve already completed certain trainings → less investment costs; they can become valuable mentors; by pairing juniors & seniors a know-how exchange happens naturally; et cetera.

– demographics and extended lifespan: Somebody who just tuned 50 has – depending on where they live and whether they are a man or a woman – between 5-17 years to work. SEVENTEEN years. That’s enough time to start something from scratch AND be successful!

To summarize, I have experienced job hunting at 50+ myself. First, I did it my way: with my birthday on my CV and irrelevant experience from 30 or 25 yeas ago. Irrelevant for the reader. Then, I implemented the suggestions from Career Angels and voilà! I became more attractive for the job market.

My advice to fellow 50-year-olds: if you know the dynamics of the job market, take advantage of it. Don’t complain about. Adapt to it. Do you prefer to disagree, do it your way and be unemployed? Or disagree internally and have a fulfilling job?

By being pro-active and working you proof all misconceptions more wrong than sitting at home with your arms crossed. Good luck! There might be whole new career ahead of you!