CFO: Changing industries

A Chief Financial Officer, who had been looking for a new position for 9 months passively and for the most recent 3 months actively without major successes, contacted us in February 2012. The outplacement support from his former employer had not been helpful either. We asked him to prepare a list of potential employers of his first choice. We call that the “TOP 20”. He reluctantly prepared it enlisting 29 firms, then researched the contact details of their CEOs. After re-doing his CV with us, he proceeded to contact them. Here are the statistics:

Response rate by the end of March 2012: 62%

Invitations to interviews: 2 + several re-directed his CV internally

Final result: he started his new job 2.5 months into the job search in a production company. That was his “ideal” job. All headhunters had told him that withouth previous experience in this field he did not have any chances.